Fly Patterns

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Pheasent Tailed Nymph
hook:size 10 wet nymph hooks
thread: black
Tail: pheasent tail
body: pheasent tail
ribbing: copper wire
thorax: brown rabbit dubbing
thorax cover: pheasent tail
beard hackle: pheasent tail

1. Tie on copper wire at the back of the hook
2. Cut small group of pheasent tail fibres and tie them on as tail trim waste off.
3.tie on another large group of pheasent tail fibres. this will become the body
4. Wrap the thread to the front of the hook
5. wrap the pheasent tail you tied on to the front of the hook and tie down trim waste
6. wrap copper wire in even wraps to the front.trim
7. tie on another group of pheasent tail at the front for the thorax cover.
8. time make the thorax by dubbing on the rabbit fur at the front
9. pull the pheasent tail (thorax cover) over the thorax (dubbing) and tie down. trim waste
10. tie a small bit of pheasent tail underneath body for beard hackle

River Salmon fly